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Big C Disposal & Recycling Service, LLC 

Where should i set my trash cart(s) for pick up?

what should i do if i want a refund?

Occasionally it will be necessary to adjust the pick up schedule due to holidays or inclement weather. A printed holiday schedule will be provided annually and reminders of upcoming holiday changes will be included with your invoice, on our website and our company Facebook page.

do my items need to be bagged?

We will provide a full refund of fees paid in respect to any services not yet provided by us. In order to receive a refund, please notify Big C Disposal of the request for refund 3 business days prior to the scheduled service date via email, mail or speaking with a company representative directly. Refunds will be given in form of a check only.

will there be changes due to inclement weather?

What happens if all my bags do not fit inside my trash cart?

We are unable to transport hazardous waste and are not permitted to dump hazardous waste at the landfill. 

Yes, please bag all items and place them in the designated cart. This allows us to serve you efficiently. Collecting unbagged garbage significantly slows down the process for our crews. Our crew members will thank you for the consideration that you show them by bagging your garbage!

What items are permitted in my trash cart?

Please call the office or email us to let us know if you forgot to put out your trash in time for pickup on your regularly scheduled day. We will arrange pickup for your items on the first available day that the trucks will be back in your area - usually within 2 days of your regularly scheduled day 

what should i do if i forgot to set my items out?

What time should my trash cart be set out?

On occasion, we will collect secured and tied bags in addition to your trash cart. If you routinely have additional bags of trash, you may contact us or we may contact you about upgrading your service.

frequently asked questions

Your trash cart(s) should be placed on the curb at the end of your driveway

Trash cart(s) should be on the curb by 5:30am or preferably the night before. For various  reasons, pick up times may change daily

I want to recycle. How does it work?

We really appreciate your decision to recycle! Recycling requires an additional cost of $2.00 to your monthly bill. All recyclables can be kept together except glass. Glass needs to be in a separate container but not in a plastic bag. We suggest a bucket or small bin. Cardboard items should be broken down and placed beside your bin. Plastic bags (grocery store or trash type bags) can no longer be recycled as of July 3, 2018.

Bagged household waste only. We do not accept construction materials, clean out or remodeling debris, dirt/sod, concrete, rocks, mulch, glass pane/sheets.  Special pick up arrangements can be made for items such as rugs, carpet, carpet pads, small furniture and small appliances. Paints, stains, electronics, oil or gas containers are also not accepted.  Unacceptable items will be left at your residence. You will need to contact us to arrange pick up for these items at an additional cost.

what about hazardous waste?